Welcome To #RRBC #Writers’ #Conference & #Book #Expo – #WCBE19

This is our 4th year playing around in the virtual conference game and it seems that RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB is still {{{Winning!}}}.

Our previous years’ conferences opened up so many windows of opportunities for our members, as they got the chance to meet and mingle with fellow members they had never met before, and many of them went on to become closer colleagues over the past years.  Our books were introduced to a larger reading audience and our knowledge of the literary world, and all that it takes to become better in this field increased ten-fold.  Now, almost a year later from our last conference, we’re preparing to do it all again!

The theme of our 2017 conference was “WHEN YOU KNOW BETTER, YOU PRODUCE BETTER.”  The theme of our 2018 conference was “RISING TO STAND AMONG THE VERY BEST.”  Continuing along the same path, this year’s theme is even stronger:  “REACHING HIGHER TO STAND AMONG THE STARS.”  Yes, we strongly believe that continuous learning and excellence in growth, go hand in hand.  Our conferences are designed to provide the necessary tools and connections for all writers to excel in the craft of writing, marketing, and publishing.  The growth in our members, their conscientious detail to every aspect of their writing, is proof that our model is working.

The resources that will be offered and the knowledge that will be gained from this year’s conference will serve as the catalyst to ensure that each person who attends, will be that much closer to their goal of either “aspiring writer” or “successful author.”

Just as last year…

*Get inspired and get to writing more

*Successfully market your work to avid readers
*Strengthen your writing skills even more and even allow you to…
*Network with like-minded individuals who can aid you on your writing journey.

The 2019 sessions and workshops are on many different topics that today’s writers and Authors are hungry to learn more about.  Our week-long event will be the perfect opportunity for you to soak up all that you can from those who are experts in their field of presentation.   With topics such as NOVEL BEGINNINGS – HOW TO MAKE YOUR OPENING SIZZLE, WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU FIND YOUR BOOKS BEING GIVEN AWAY ONLINE AND HOW TO GET THEM REMOVED, THE BENEFITS OF BLOGGING, HOW TRELLO CAN MAKE WRITING YOUR BOOKS SUPER EASY, A HANDS-ON GUIDE TO USING CANVA, DIALOGUE TAGS AND WHY WE DON’T NEED THEM, and so many more topics that would be of interest to any and everyone in the field of literature!

There will be Author Booths on site for RRBC members to showcase, promote and sell their books, and Vendor Booths for those who wish to showcase and introduce their services.  No event is ever complete without giveaways, so allow me to mention that our RAFFLE this year is going to be just as good (if not better) than last year’s, and made fully possible by our ever-generous (member) SPONSORS!  As always, we will be raffling 7 gift card/gift baskets – one for every day of the conference and there will also be door prizes up for grabs in every Author Booth!

Yes, all of this education, fellowship, and fun in ONE place…and the best part is, you get to enjoy it all from the comfort of your very own home, or wherever you have an internet connection!

FUN! FUN! FUN! How could I have left out mention of that wonderful word?  Well, get ready, because we’re bringing back some FUN games and maybe even adding some new ones!

One special event that will be new to the WC&BE this year is our SILENT AUCTION!  I know, your mouth is on the floor salivating at this one, right?

This event will be held for one full week beginning August 12 thru August 18, 2019.

If you are an Author and have books releasing this year or have newly released books, this event will be the best venue to debut them, so you do want to get your Author Booth now!

Once again…



***This event is open to the general public***





7 thoughts on “Welcome To #RRBC #Writers’ #Conference & #Book #Expo – #WCBE19”

  1. This is so exciting! I’ve met some marvelous writers and enjoyed some very fruitful workshops and sessions in the past couple of years. I have a new release due out just before the Conference begins, What a perfect way to share it! Yay! Party!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the graphics and the look of the site. Last year’s conference introduced me to members I hadn’t known before and helped develop friendships between us. Looking forward to what this year’s conference will bring!!

    Liked by 2 people

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